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our environment

The brewery and farm are a reflection of our passions, beliefs, experiences, and combined vision.

About Us

Being nestled in the Carolinian forest, we are surrounded by a lush, ecological habitat that is home to unique flora and fauna such as: the tulip tree, pawpaw, and the rare southern flying squirrel. This makes the local area very special and one that we feel needs to be respected, protected, and celebrated.


Our modus operandi is to tread as lightly on the Earth as we can. If possible, we’d actually like to leave it in better shape then we found it. Needless to say, the business approach we’ve taken is a little different. To create an environmental, social, and economic impact in the community that supports us, we’ve placed the following values at the core of our business model:


  1. Utilize as much repurposed material as possible
  2. Grow raw ingredients organically and/or purchase organic
  3. Pay personnel a living wage so they can prosper
  4. Strive to be as close to zero waste as possible
  5. Serve artisanal beer and food that is as sustainable as it is delicious
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Our Team

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people”

– Steve Jobs
A Quick Flight
Melanie Doerksen

Ring Master

Emily Hoey

Beer Slinger

Mary Benedict

Assistant Brewster

Version 2
Tim Wilson

Tour God/Eye Candy

Position Available

Farm Assistant

Our Hops

As well as being craft beer lovers, we’re also hop farmers

Our Varietals

The Carolinian Hop Yard is our sister business where we currently grow 4-acres of award winning hops. We have 10 different types which include:



  1. Crystal
  2. Willamette



  1. Galena
  2. Magnum



  1. Cascade
  2. Centennial
  3. Chinook
  4. Columbus
  5. Nugget
  6. Sterling


We will be expanding our acreage again in 2018 to include more aroma hop varietals in our overall crop production.


Aroma Hops


Bittering Hops


Dual Purpose Hops

Our ‘Office’

Some of the reasons why we love going into work everyday…