Cat’s Pyjamas

Beer Profile

American Pale Ale – medium mouthfeel, light amber colour, and a crisp finish.  It has a strong malt flavour and subtle notes of biscuit and honey that complement a malty sweetness.  The subtle hop presence gives the beer an almost flowery aroma that’s supported by grapefruit, lemon and apricot. Notes of bread and hazelnut can also be detected.

Alcohol By Volume: 5%

International Bittering Unit: 26

*Remember there is a difference between absolute bitterness and perceived bitterness, so try things first before looking at the number on the label – you might be surprised.

Food Suggestions

Lighter foods work best with this beer: roasted chicken, salads, salmon, bratwurst cooked on the grill. Cheeses should be kept light as well: Monterey Jack, mild cheddars, and light, nuttier cheese options would compliment this beer nicely.  For dessert, apricot or mandarin cake, even a light lemon custard tart would be wonderful with this APA.

How to Purchase Beer

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Draught Beer             473ml can

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