Wedgie Delight

Beer Profile

English Brown Ale – nicely balance, with a gentle hop presence, slight nuttiness, malty sweetness and dry finish.  On the nose is a bit bread, hint of coffee, some chocolate and roasted almonds.

Alcohol By Volume: 5%

International Bittering Unit: 20

*Remember there is a difference between absolute bitterness and perceived bitterness, so try things first before looking at the number on the label – you might be surprised.

Food Suggestions

Brown ales are a versatile option when it comes to food and beer pairings.  Wedgie Delight would go well with hearty foods like smoked sausage, grilled salmon, and roast pork.  You could also try it with cheese; we’d suggest an aged Gouda or a crumbly English Cheddar.  You could also consider Wedgie Delight when eating dessert… items such as almond cake, pear fritters or cashew brittle would be amazing with this lovely brown ale.

How to Purchase Beer

Product Availability

473ml can

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