Cherry Bomb

Beer Profile

Gose – is a bright, lively beer, thanks to a tart flavour profile, subtle saltiness and aromatic coriander spice. With this beer you get a mouthpuckering finish that’s crisp, dry, and very refreshing.  We’ve use local sour cherries and “dry hopped” it with keffir lime leaves.  There is a prominent cherry flavour up front, followed by a mild lime presence. On the nose are aromas of cherry and citrus.

Alcohol By Volume: 5%

International Bittering Unit: 20

Food Pairing

This gose is great with cheese; the fruity notes add a complex contrast to earthy and grassy goat cheeses and younger Asiagos.  It would also be good with seafood dishes, grilled chicken or fish, and regular bbq fare .  For dessert, it would pair well with baked goods – think mixed berry cobbler with French vanilla ice-cream.

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Draught Beer               473ml can

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