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Beer Profile

New England India Pale Ale (NEIPA) – this beer deemphasizes hop bitterness and showcases hop flavour and aromas that are reminiscent of tropical fruit juice. This “hazy” or “juicy” IPA exhibits strong notes of guava, passion fruit, and mango on the nose.  As expected, there is a level of cloudiness or haze, which is typical for this style of beer.  A simple grain bill in conjunction with a small amount of bitterness provides a softer mouthfeel and flavour profile.

Alcohol By Volume: 4.5%

International Bittering Unit: 10

Food Pairing

With NEIPAs it’s all about complimenting flavours. The herbaceous nature of the American hops we used, would pair nicely with Mexican food and the notable amounts of cilantro used in this cuisine.  Fajitas, salmon tacos, or even a crab tostada would be incredible with this beer.  The tropical notes would work well with salty flavours and simple spring vegetables – ex. prosciutto wrapped asparagus done on the grill.  Vietnamese food, Goan curries, fish topped with mango salsa or salsa verde would also bring out the more subtle nuances of the beer.  For dessert, you could try orange cake or perhaps a nice lemon tart. Even a piece of dark salted chocolate would make a lovely accompaniment to this hazy IPA.

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