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Your rural route to great taste!
Charlotteville Brewing Farm Organic Hop Yard & Estate Brewery
A family owned and operated diversified farm, surround by lush Carolinian forest.
Tucked away within Norfolk County -- Our "Middle of Nowhere".
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Outdoor patio in the farm field A Culmination of Travel, Insight & Exploration Our goal is to provide an authentic experience
that leaves you enamoured with the area, people, and of course our beer!
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Charlotteville Brewing Company

Welcome to Charlotteville Brewing Company! We are a unique brewery nestled in the scenic landscapes of Charlotteville, Ontario. Our brewery is more than just a place to enjoy great beer; it’s an experience that combines the essence of a farm with the craftsmanship of a brewery. Situated amidst 28 acres of breathtaking Carolinian forest, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability and nature preservation. Our organic garden ensures that our ingredients are fresh, local, and environmentally friendly. Join us for a one-of-a-kind experience where you can indulge in exceptional craft beer while immersing yourself in the beauty of nature. Discover the perfect harmony of brewery and farm at Charlotteville Brewing Company. Come visit our brewery farm and get lost in this extraordinary beer haven!

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28 Acres of Carolinian Forest

Earth Friendly

Working Farm

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To understand craft beer is to recognize the importance of the evolving tastes of craft beer drinkers.  Who, over the years, have demanded more variety and better beer.  This reality pushes us everyday in the brew house at the CBC.  Where we strive to create products that engage our customers and take them on a tasty somatosensory journey.

“Our Passion for Craft Beer Says It All..”

We produce a dozen different styles of beer every year: pales ales, porters, pilsners, IPAs, sours and stouts – the list goes on!  Every beer we make plays on a traditional style, but each one has its own unique characteristics to make it something that’s truly ours.

At the CBC, beer is a labour of love with dedication at the heart of our process. It is evident in the way we meticulously craft each brew, aiming to showcase our unwavering commitment to excellence in every sip. We hope you can see, smell and taste our commitment to quality in every beer we produce. Embracing the significance of diligence, we endeavor to offer delectable and approachable beer options for all. Our passion drives us to share this experience with you at CBC, and we sincerely hope you find as much pleasure in consuming our beer as we do in creating it! 

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Tap House Hours

Thurs: 4-8pm | Fri: 1-8pm | Sat: 12-8pm | Sun: 1-6pm

Live Music This Month!

The Tree Line
July 9th

Paul Mallard
July 14th & 27th

Three Avocados
July 16th 2-4pm

Free Will Revue
July 22nd 2-4pm

Other Events

CBC Book Club
Wednesday, July 26th

Contact the brewery for more information.

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What's On Tap

Draught Beer

Local 519 – Pale Ale

Konventional Rules – Kolsch

Untamed Shrew – Tropical Sour

Nocturnal Sunshine – Black IPA

Ciao Bella – Italian Pilsner

Full Moon Party – IPA (N)

Leah’s Choc-work Orange – Porter (N)

En Garde! – Biere de Garde

 Harvest Party 2.0 – Grisette w/Lime

Purple Rain – Gose

All Wound Up! – Hazy IPA

Stay Tuned

New Releases

Release Dates TBA

Strawberry Rhubarb Wheat

SMASH w/Ontario Hops

Low Alcohol Sour

Coffee Stout

Cherry Gose

Czech Lager

What would you like to know?


At the moment, our beer is exclusively available directly from us, and it cannot be found at the LCBO or the Beer Store. You have two options for purchasing our beer: through our online store or by visiting Charlottevillle Brewery in person. As of now, beer orders are for pick-up only. However, we are actively striving to expand our reach and make our beer accessible across the province by enabling shipping options in the near future.

Refer to the front page of our website for our draught beer list.  Menus are updated regularly as stock changes. You can always check out our availability calendar as well, if there’s something specific you’re looking forward to trying.

We do not take reservations. Availability is on a first come first served basis.  

We do not offer tours.  We have a very small brewery and we encourage people to look around as they move around property. The owners are often onsite and more than happy to answer any specific questions about the beers or the brewery itself.

We can’t definitively predict when a beer will sell out.  All of our rotating beers are around for a few weeks, depending on batch size.  Specialty and/or new release beers rarely sell out day of, but the stock can be diminished quickly over the course of a weekend.  If you are making a long trip for a specific beer, we recommend calling day of to verify remaining quantity.

Beers are first come first served.  We do not reserve beer(s) for customers.

If you have one of our 1L howlers, we will exchange your bottle for a new one filled with your choice of fresh beer from our draft list.  We are not filling other brewery’s bottles at this time.

Each beer styles varies.  We recommend that you drink your growler within three to four days when kept unopened and refrigerated.  Once it is opened you should drink it within one to two days at most.  When a growler is opened air replaces the beer inside the growler and the remaining beer oxidizes quickly.  Our draft beers are best served fresh, so enjoying them as soon as possible is always your best bet.  Please remember to rinse your bottle when it’s empty and throw the lid in the recycling bin.

Yes!  We have a variety of kid friendly menu items and non-alcoholic drinks available.

We allow friendly, well-behaved dogs to visit us at the brewery. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.
It’s the owner’s responsibility to clean up after them.

Kegs are sold on a limited basis to retail customers and may not always be available.  Please send an email to info@charlottevillebrewingcompany.ca to inquire if anything is available.

Please email info@charlottevillebrewingcompany.ca with any inquiries regarding tours or large group visits.

We love to have live, local music throughout the month.  Contact us at info@charlottevillebrewingcompany.ca with your bands information and a link to where we can listen to your music. All music fees are agreed upon before a show.

Small groups are more than welcome to celebrate at the brewery during our regular hours of operation.  However, we do not close to accommodate private parties/events.

No, we do not host weddings or wedding receptions at the brewery.

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1207 Charlotteville West Quarter LineSimcoe, ON N3Y 4K1