Pie in the Eye

Beer Profile – American Wheat Beer

American Wheat – this style of beer is made with a mixture of wheat and barley grains, giving it a beautifully smooth mouthfeel.  Pie In the Eye is a strawberry, rhubarb and hibiscus wheat with a flavour profile that is dominated by strawberry sweetness, balanced by tart rhubarb and rounded out by a lovely breadiness.  On the nose, you’ll find strawberry, honey, and biscuit.

Alcohol By Volume: 5.3%

International Bittering Units: 11

Food Suggestions

This beer is at its best with very light foods: cold soups, fresh salads, peppery greens, grilled chicken, vegetables dishes.  Cheeses would need to be simple as well – think buffalo mozzarella or chèvre.  Desserts that would pair well would be fruit salads, gelato, panna cotta topped with seasonal berries.

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Draught Beer               473ml can

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