Rally Point

Beer Profile

Double Dry Hopped IPA – medium mouthfeel, bright citrusy colour, and a clean finish.  Lots of tropical fruit (mango and pineapple) on the palate with some orange and a bit of lemon.  It has a medium hop bitterness and modest malt bill that’s soft on the palate.  Notes of tangerine, mango, hints of coconut and stone fruit are on the nose.

Alcohol By Volume: 5.5%

International Bittering Unit: 40

*Remember there is a difference between absolute bitterness and perceived bitterness, so try things first before looking at the number on the label – you might be surprised.

Food Suggestions

In general, the guidelines that apply to an IPA would also apply to a double dry-hopped IPA.  But because of the extra hop and potentially extra bitterness, you’ll need a big flavoured dish to stand up against (or match) the beer’s big flavour.  Remember that bitterness can amplify salt and umami in food, which then tames the bitterness itself.  An ideal pairing for this beer would be salty cured meats – think charcuterie and sausages.  A DDH IPA will stand up nicely to the intensity of any strongly flavoured meat, but surprising won’t overwhelm the milder ones.  The hops will help boost the umami and the salt while cutting any residual fat.  Grilled meat(s) with a spicy barbecue sauce would be another excellent pairing – think ribs, pork belly, or steak.  Sharp cheddar, Stilton, or stronger blue cheeses could also go up against a beer like Rally Point.  The salty cheese plays on the salt/bitter dynamic discussed earlier, and all of the suggested cheeses leave a creamy, mouth coating film that the hops and carbonation clear away.

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