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Welcome to Ontario’s first estate craft brewery. We are a family owned and operated organic farm surround by lush Carolinian forest in the heart of Norfolk County.

Our goal, when you visit the farm, is to provide an authentic experience that will leave you enamoured with the unique area, the local people, and of course our beer. Come look for us in Ontario’s garden.






FRIDAY: 1-6PM   |   SATURDAY: 12-6PM   |   SUNDAY: 1-5PM





Estate Brewery

Our goal is to make beer on the farm from raw ingredients we’ve grown or forage for ourselves. Locally minded guests can sip on a variety of fermented libations that will whet the driest of whistles and satiate the greatest of thirsts.

Artisanal Food

On the farm we grow a variety of fruits and vegetables, which are used in the production of the organic seasonal fare you’ll enjoy as our guest, here, at the brewery.

Working Farm

We’ve been farming non-conventionally for seven years and believe our stewardship of the land, along with Norfolk’s unique terroir, is something that truly sets our products apart.

what’s on offer

We want to make sure everyone visiting the brewery is comfortable and happy.


We are a fully accessible establishment.


Free wifi for guests visiting the brewery.


Whether you visit by car, motorcycle, or bicycle, we’ve got a space for you.

pet friendly

Don’t be afraid to bring your furry friends with you, we have room for them too.


Give us a call to reserve a brewery tour and tasting.


Guests can relax and enjoy themselves on our covered patio adjacent to the tap room.


Limited seasonal options are available on a daily basis for guests to consume.

live music

On the last Friday of every month, our resident band ‘Free Will Revue‘ will be performing.

our beer

Every beer we make plays on a traditional style, but each one has its own unique characteristics to make it something that’s truly ours.

(Note: One asterisk – beer is on tap | Two asterisks – beer is in cans | No asterisk – beer is not available)

Local 519**

ABV: 4.9     |      IBU: 27


Style: English Pale Ale

Flavour Profile: nicely balanced – gentle hop presence, malty sweetness

Colour: blonde

Aroma: honey, biscuit, with a hint of raisin

Hopsy Dazey IPA**

ABV: 4.9     |      IBU: 38


Style: India Pale Ale

Flavour Profile: clean, full-bodied, pronounced hop character

Colour: bright citrus

Aroma: hops provide pleasant floral notes, some pine, slightly bready, with a bit of honey

Velvet Devil

ABV: 5.0     |      IBU: 18


Style: Oatmeal-Wheat Stout

Flavour Profile: smooth, medium-bodied, presence of bitter-sweet chocolate and coffee

Colour: dark brown

Aroma: spicy and herbaceous from the chinook and willamette hops; coffee and cacao compliment the faint hazelnut notes

Wedgie Delight**

ABV: 5.0     |      IBU: 20


Style: English Brown Ale

Flavour Profile: nicely balanced – gentle hop presence, malty sweetness

Colour: warm brown

Aroma: a little bready, with a hint of coffee, some dark chocolate, and roasted almonds

Fancy Pants**

ABV: 5.5     |      IBU: 20


Style: Amber Ale

Flavour Profile: clean, malty sweetness, gentle cascade hop presence

Colour: amber

Aroma: subtle toffee, some honey and biscuit, with delicate notes of dried fruit and hazelnut

Monster Mash**

ABV: 5.6     |      IBU: 23


Style: Pumpkin Ale (Seasonal)

Flavour Profile: smooth, medium-bodied, notable presence of pumpkin

Colour: rich amber

Aroma: pleasant notes from the cascade hop, compliment a well-balanced spice medley of clove, nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon

Opening Act

ABV: 5.4     |      IBU: 10


Style: Hazy IPA

Flavour Profile: sweet orange, stone fruit, and grapefruit pith with a slight cracker-like malt flavour creates a full mouth feel

Colour: golden

Aroma: sweet orange, apricot, orange pith, with some light grassiness

Middle of Nowhere**

ABV: 5.4  |      IBU: 20


Style: Farmhouse Saison

Flavour Profile: light breadiness with notes of banana, bubblegum and clove. A bit of mango and coconut come through in the flavour thanks to a dry-hop of Cashmere.

Colour: golden

Aroma: banana dominates the aroma, with notes of bubblegum and mango

The Pour House

ABV: 5.9     |      IBU: 30


Style: British Golden Ale

Flavour Profile: toast-like maltiness with a touch of caramel, balanced by a moderate hop bitterness

Colour: golden

Aroma: pleasant notes of light pear, banana and apple

Tailgate Party

ABV: 4.7     |      IBU: 23


Style: Cream Ale

Flavour Profile: orange pith and bread balance this light bodied beer which has a moderate bitterness. Crisp and refreshing.

Colour: golden

Aroma: sweet orange with a hint of corn and light breadiness

Pie in the Eye

ABV: 5.3  |      IBU: 11


Style: Strawberry Rhubarb Hibiscus Wheat (Seasonal)

Flavour Profile: dominated by strawberry sweetness, with some balance coming from the tart rhubarb. Light bodied, fruity, and flavourful.

Colour: bright berry

Aroma: Overwhelmingly sweet strawberry

Potty Mouth

ABV: 5.5     |      IBU: 22


Style: Porter

Flavour Profile: light bodied with flavours of semi-sweet chocolate, coffee, and a hint of berries from a dry-hop of dried cherries, blueberries, and cranberries. Creamy and smooth.

Colour: dark brown

Aroma: dark chocolate and black coffee

It Takes Two to Mango

ABV: 5     |      IBU: 30


Style: American Pale Ale

Flavour Profile: tropical fruit (mango and coconut) and orange with a medium hop bitterness is balanced by a malt flavour reminiscent of crackers

Colour: golden

Aroma: light breadiness with subtle mango

Deee Luscious

ABV: 4  |      IBU: 22


Style: Milkshake IPA

Flavour Profile: smooth and creamy due to lactose and vanilla. Medium hop bitterness balances lactose sweetness and complements mango hop flavour.

Colour: golden

Aroma: mango and vanilla dominate. Tropical fruity hop is evident

Lil’ Red Ridin’ in the Hood

ABV: 5.3  |      IBU: 17


Style: Irish Red Ale on Nitro

Flavour Profile: bready, light caramel, and a little hop bitterness to balance the malt profile. The use of nitrogen gives this beer a creamy mouthfeel.

Colour: amber

Aroma: toasted bread and dried cranberries dominate.

For Bitter or Worse

ABV: 4.9     |      IBU: 30


Style: British Best Bitter

Flavour Profile: dried fruit, caramel and toffee are evident

Colour: dark caramel

Aroma: raisin, dried fig, caramel, and toasted bread

Sweet Tart

ABV: 5.1     |      IBU: 13


Style: Sour

Flavour Profile: nicely balanced, not overly ‘sour’, gentle hop presence, hint of orange pith, light pineapple and sweet orange.

Colour: golden

Aroma: subtle notes of sweet orange, mango, and pineapple. A hint of tropical fruit is evident

Rally Point

ABV: 5.5     |      IBU: 30


Style: DDH Juicy IPA

Flavour Profile: bright tropical fruit (mango and pineapple), orange and a bit of lemon with a medium hop bitterness and modest malt bill that’s soft on the palate

Colour: golden orange

Aroma: tangerine, mango, hints of coconut and stone fruit

Holy Mole

ABV: 5.5     |      IBU: 15


Style: Stout

Flavour Profile: dark chocolate, vanilla, subtle suggestion of heat from dried Thai and Kung Pao chili peppers

Colour: dark brown

Aroma: chocolate, vanilla, stone fruit, and biscuit

Guilty Pleasure

ABV: 4.7     |      IBU: 19


Style: IPA with lactose

Flavour Profile: light and refreshing with flavours of blackberry, Italian plums, and vanilla

Colour: light berry

Aroma: a dry hop of Brambling Cross brings aromas of black currant, lemon, and plum

Cherry Bomb

ABV: 5     |      IBU: 20


Style: Gose w/sour cherry & keffir lime leaves

Flavour Profile: prominent cherry flavour up front followed by a mild lime presence, hint of coriander, and a subtle mineral from the sea salt

Colour: intense berry

Aroma: cherry and citrus

Decadent Devil*

ABV: 5.5     |      IBU: 23


Style: Double Chocolate Milk Stout (Nitro)

Flavour Profile: milk chocolate flavour up front, followed by sweetened coffee, hint of espresso, and some dark chocolate.  A lactose addition nicely complements the perception of bitter flavours imparted by the grain bill

Colour: dark brown

Aroma: dark chocolate and espresso


ABV: 4.9     |      IBU: 14


Style: Sour – triple dry hopped with lemondrop and motueka hops

Flavour Profile: well balanced, not overly ‘sour’, orange pith, lemon, and sweet orange are easily identified

Colour: golden

Aroma: Notes of lemon, lime, grapefruit, and hint of tropical fruit are evident

Udderly Delicious**

ABV: 5.5     |      IBU: 23


Style: Chocolate Milk Stout w/Coconut

Flavour Profile: milk chocolate flavour up front, followed by sweetened coffee, hint of espresso, and some dark chocolate.  A lactose addition complements the perception of bitter flavours imparted by the grain bill

Colour: dark brown

Aroma: dark chocolate and coconut

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